Cathy Nester, HIS, Owner, Hearing Aid Specialist

Hearing Aid Specialists, Fort Ashby, WV, LaVale, MD

Cathy A. Nester HIS – Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist In The States Of Delaware, Maryland, And West Virginia

Cathy Nester is co-owner of 7 Audibel Hearing Aid Centers in western MD and eastern WV. She worked for Miracle Ear Hearing Aids of Hagerstown, MD and K&K Hearing Associates of Hagerstown, MD for a total of 8 years prior to becoming an owner in January of 2010.

Beyond professional credentials and experience, Cathy cares very much about all the patients at Audibel Hearing Aid Centers and wants to provide you with the best professional service, the latest in amplified technologies and the optimum value for your money.

"The important thing to me, is helping my patients hear better than the best of their they can enjoy life. The technology is available; we put it to work for better hearing."