Keith Nester, NBC-HIS, Owner, Hearing Aid Specialist

Hearing Aid Specialists, Fort Ashby, WV, LaVale, MD

M. Keith Nester Sr. Is A Nationally Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist.

Co-Owner of 7 Audibel Hearing Aid Centers located in western MD and eastern WV.

Keith has been working with hearing instruments since 1990, but has lived with hearing loss and the difficulties accompanying hearing loss for over 30 years as his father wears hearing instruments. He works very hard at continuing to educate himself on the latest technologies and the latest techniques in adjusting the hearing instruments for the best possible results for each patient.

M. Keith Nester Sr. is a Board Certified Hearing Instruments Specialist. His board certification means that he has the ability to test patients, diagnose hearing impairments and fit hearing aids. In cases where hearing loss can be medically treated, the professionals at Audibel refer patients to appropriate medical professionals.

"My main goal is to treat each and every patient as if they were my family. I like to work together with my patients to come up with best possible solution to their hearing needs. Better hearing doesn't happen overnight, but I'm fully dedicated to helping each patient get there."